The following sequences are the ones I am using in the light show. They feature a 16-channel mega-tree which has 14 channels on the tree and 2 allocated to stars on it's top. The remaining 16 channels feature 3 multi-colored stars (red/white with 1 channel each), two white stars (1 channel each) and then miscellaneous stuff.

WizardsInWinter.zipWizards in Winter (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)32
CrazyFrog-JingleBells.zipJingle Bells (Crazy Frog)32
MadRussionschristmas.zipA Mad Russians Christmas (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)32
CaroloftheBells-Techno-DanEdit.zipCarol of the Bells - Techno. (Edited Version)32
CocaColaChristmas.zipCoca Cola Christmas32

Light Show Primer Software:
I wanted to begin playing random Christmas music 30 minutes prior to the light show and then stop playing right before the show began. I couldn't find any software that did just that so I decided to write my own. I started writing it on the 5 hour trip to the inlaws for Thanksgiving and just about had it done when we arrived. I wanted to test it in production before making it available to everyone. It's been running for a week now without any hiccups so it's now available.

Download 1.0a Software    Download C# Source Code

How the software works:
The software works in conjunction with Windows Media Player...I haven't tested it on any versions less than 10 and I am currently using version 11. You use WMP to create a playlist of the songs you want. Then you run the "Light Show Primer" software and it will display a list of saved playlists that it gets from WMP. You then specify begin/end times...I specify the end times to be 5 seconds before the LOR scheduled start time. Placing check marks next to each day enables it for that day. The "Enable Show" check box enables/disables the entire playing of the show. Checking "Shuffle" will shuffle the playlist and checking "Repeat" will repeat the playlist once it concludes. IMPORTANT: The application requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. If you have any problems or questions about it's use you can reach me at